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This is a fishing village and a community development block in Puri district. It is about 91 km from Puri and 10 km from Kakatapur. Astaranga means ‘colorful sun set’ and it lies near the Devi River. One of the four new ports being set up on the Orissa coast, Astaranga is a hub of salt production and fishing.


This is a district headquarters town, which served as an important maritime port, with trading links to Holland, England, France and Denmark. Temples in the nearby town of Remune (Khirachora Gopinath Temple) and at Devagiri Hill (Panchlingeswar Temple, known for its five lingams) are some of the attractions. Balasore is renowned for its historical monuments. Chandipur beach is another attraction here. The Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program's Integrated Test Range is located 18 km south of Balasore.


Balighai is 8 km from Puri on the Puri - Konark marine drive road. This beach is situated by the side of the Bay of Bengal and attracts lots of domestic and overseas visitors to enjoy the natural scenery. Baliharina deer and The Sea Turtle Research Centre are the major attractions here. The best time to visit Balighai beach is from October to June. The beach lies near Chaurasi, which is famous for the shrines dedicated to Laxminarayanan, Amareshras and Barahi.


This beautiful village is known for its applique work which forms a major part of the handicrafts of Orissa. Applique is a piece of art that is done by cutting beautiful pattern on a piece of cloth.


Kakatpur is situated about 50 km from Puri, on the Puri-Astaranga road. The place lies on the banks of river Prachi and is famous for a temple dedicated to Goddess Mangala.


Chaurasi is situated between Nimapada-Kakatpur road and about 30 km from Konark and 14 kilometers from Kakatpur village. It lies on the right bank of river Prachi. Shrines devoted to Laxminarayanan, Amareshras and Barahi are the points of interests here. The temple of Barahi dates back to the 9th century AD and the deity is worshipped according to Tantrik practices. The deity has the face of a boar and is depicted holding a fish in one hand and a cup in another.